It all started so innocently ...


Introducing ZONG for DOS, the amazing game from Zensoft. Combining the creative talents of William P. Jacobson of Chaos Studio with Robert J. Sundling of Zensoft, ZONG for DOS is a startling union of form and function, substance and idea.

With over 100 stunning backgrounds utilizing an amazing total of over 10,000 colors, and riveting 8-channel digital sound, ZONG for DOS has the ability to dazzle like few games before. Experience the soft velvety feel! The succulent aroma! The rich, chocolatey flavor! (Well, at least the art and the sound, anyway!)


Starting with a simple paddle, you must deflect a metal ball and prevent it from passing through the opening at the bottom of the screen. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

Along the way, you must destroy brick after brick in the upper area of the screen by skillfully manipulating your paddle to deflect the ball right into them. Some bricks contain special power-ups that are revealed only when they are destroyed. Catch the power-ups with your paddle and gain new functionality, extra lives, or an entirely new gaming metaphor.


After destroying all the bricks on one level, move on to the next. A special password is presented after each level that can be used to resume the game from that point. In all, there are 140 levels grouped into five ranges of difficulty, from the ridiculously simple to the almost deadly impossible.

Requires 386 or better, mouse, VGA, 2MB RAM. A sound card is strongly recommended.

Download ZONG for DOS