Our older games were written in the early- to mid-1990’s and were designed for the DOS operating system.

Zentris for DOS

Zentris for DOS was released in 1990, with the final version in 1992. It quickly became the de-facto standard in ’tris games with stunning graphics and amazing playability. Features include: Unlimited levels of play, 256-color graphics, easy-to-use pull down menus, complete playing statistics, next piece, clock, and level displays, special bonuses, alternate brick choices, keyboard, mouse, and joystick support, high score list, special support for grayscale monitors and laptops, and keyboard reconfiguration.


ZONG for DOS is the best hit-the-bricks game on all sides of the Andromeda cluster. Features include: Over 140 levels in five difficulty categories, 100 brilliant backgrounds in over 10,000 total colors, true shadows, animation and morph sequences, impenetrable bricks, realistic multiple ball angles, an easy-to-use level editor, level passwords, a high score list, five paddle types, secret cheat codes, fully digital sound effects and music, a beautifully rendered interface, and much, much more.

Super Zentris for DOS

Super Zentris is an enhanced version of Zentris for DOS with Super VGA support, 8-voice digital sound, simultaneous multiplayer games, new piece shapes, and many more features.