Robert J. Sundling

Chief Executive Officer

Photograph of Robert J. Sundling

Robert J. Sundling (known as “Bob” to his friends) began busily programming at the age of five, and hasn’t stopped since (except for a brief two-minute hiatus in 1987 when he went to get a glass of water).

In most circles he is not considered particularly threatening. Occasionally he points out security holes. He also does consulting work for clients around the world, including such things as creating real-time process-control software for the atomic layer-by-layer deposition of thin films of high temperature superconductors.

Robert holds a degree in Pure Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. (However, he only uses it when provoked.)

Since 2006, Robert has been a research consultant for Brookhaven National Laboratory in the Oxide Molecular Beam Epitaxy Group of the Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Sciences Division.

Robert founded Zensoft in 1990 and has materially participated in every Zensoft release. He developed the Zen programming language and the core Rasdan Gaming Engine.