About the revision history

This is a comprehensive list of the features added to Zentris for DOS in each version from 1.20 to 1.62 (which was the final version, released in 1992). The feature-set is cumulative, except where noted, so features found in any earlier version will also be found in all later versions.

New features in version 1.62 - June 10, 1992

  • Added dates to the high score list, and a menu option to select either American or European date formats.
  • Added a reminder that ESC may be used to activate the pull-down menus to the introduction screen.

New features in version 1.60 - May 23, 1992

  • Save and Restore Games
  • Multiple piece styles supported
  • Rewrote joystick routines
  • Added a CRC check to the program. This check protects the Zentris program from any and all viruses. It uses multiple 32-bit CRCs, and is quite fast.

New features in version 1.51

  • Speed up gravity with CTRL key, from a suggestion by Gerry Eichner
  • Backwards rotation by holding down CAPS key, from a suggestion by Gerry Eichner
  • Optional drop interruption feature
  • Shell-to-DOS bug fixed (couldn’t return from a shell to DOS in Zentris version 1.50)
  • Added some more text info boxes, changed the style of some

New features in version 1.50

  • From a suggestion by Rick Ibarra, added an option to allow you to write your game configuration to disk. Simply select "Write Config" from the "Config" pull-down menu. (Registered version only.)
  • Possibly fixed a bug with joystick calibration that resulted in an "Oops!" error with some joysticks. The exact cause is still unknown, but a minor change was made in the calibration procedure to hopefully solve this problem.
  • Changed the names of some commands on the menus so that none of the first letters were duplicated in any pull down menu.
  • Made a Zentris Installation Program

New features in version 1.41

  • Fixed inability to select 8-color gray scale option with a mouse
  • Made the game more responsive when in demo mode
  • Added [D] key to toggle Demo, instead of just being able to do this from the pull-down menus

New features in version 1.40

  • Pull-down menus!
  • New self-play mode ("Demo" from "Game" menu)
  • Moved keyboard redefinition to pull down menus instead of game start up
  • Moved DOS Shell to "Shell to DOS" from "Game" menu
  • New Game (restart) feature
  • About Author and About Zentris information added
  • Manual updated with the new Version 1.40 features
  • Different types of gray scales, removed the [G] key for [G]ray Scale and instead put the option in the menus

New features in version 1.31

  • Fixed "high-scores-not-being-saved" bug (thanks to Joel Ylvisaker)
  • Cleaned up introduction screen (from a suggestion by Peter Kienitz)

New features in version 1.30

  • New background screen design
  • Keyboard redefinition for registered version
  • Some minor changes to the manual
  • Support for initials on the pieces

New features in version 1.20

  • Extended 8514/A compatibility
  • New styles for pop up boxes and row erasure
  • Enhanced joystick support for registered version
  • /f parameter for incompatible VGA systems
  • Clock feature
  • Some previously undocumented keys now listed in the manual
  • Support for INS key to drop pieces