The ZenQuIT Quantum Integrity Tracker

ZenQuIT is a high-performance integrity tracker for quantum computers that can keep track of the integrity of qubits and gates.

For qubits, among other values, ZenQuIT can track:

T₁ (μs)
The qubit relaxation time
T₂ (μs)
The qubit dephasing time
frequency and anharmonicity (GHz)
The energy difference between the |0> and |1> states for this qubit
probability measurements (|0> as 1, |1> as 0, and average)
The probability that a measurement returns 1 immediately after preparing a |0> state, or a 0 immediately after preparing a |1> state, or the average of these two
readout assignment error
The probability of a measurement returning the wrong value
readout length (ns)
The time it takes to perform a measurement
ID error
A measurement of the error induced by leaving a qubit idle for a typical gate time

For gates, ZenQuIT can track both gate error and gate length (in ns) not only for each single- and multiple-qubit gate, but also for each qubit to which any gate can be applied, by examining and processing an entire system coupling map. As quantum computers continue to grow in size, monitoring and tracking these couplings is becoming increasingly critical to ensuring quantum stability.


All data structures in ZenQuIT appear to the user as freeform JSON structures. With a 64-bit backend, ZenQuIT can handle up to 18 exabytes of data. On systems with sufficient RAM, the entire database is kept in memory and synchronized to disk periodically.

For additional performance when values are frequently stored, values that remain unchanged within the limits of measurement precision can be automatically pruned, with only the start and end times of the relevant intervals stored. Alternatively, for compliance purposes, pruning can be disabled and records can be cryptographically signed by a user-provided tool before being written to write-once media.


With a simple API, through a user-provided interface module, ZenQuIT is designed to communicate with all existing quantum computers. It can run on any Windows or Linux system under Python 3 with a MongoDB backend, with particular integrations for Ubuntu LTS. It is fully comaptible with D. J. Bernstein’s daemontools.

Our Guarantee

Although your qubits may be in a coherent superposition of multiple states, our integrity tracker is guaranteed to be in a single deterministic state, and we pledge that it can be used at any time without destroying its coherence.