LOGAC: Legacy OMBE Growth And Calibration

LOGAC is a monolithic legacy-focused MBE control application. LOGAC operates using the same legacy interface you are used to while seamlessly integrating with ZenMBE to control modern OMBE systems.

Why Choose LOGAC?

LOGAC offers a familiar interface, easing the transition for users accustomed to legacy MBE systems. Utilizing a legacy Windows GUI, the same interface originally developed for Oxxel GmbH in 1999 and used around the world for nearly 25 years, LOGAC allows the control of modern MBE systems without retraining operators.

Through its ZenMBE integration, LOGAC is future-proof and adaptable, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.


LOGAC brings you advanced OMBE growth and calibration capabilities, courtesy of its seamless integration with ZenMBE.

Simple, Flexible, and Reliable
LOGAC benefits from ZenMBE's Unix philosophy, ensuring each component is focused and well-defined, works in harmony with others, and is stable for long-term operation.
ZenMBE Database Support
Utilizes ZenMBE's zents high-performance real-time time-series database for comprehensive sensor data recording and analysis.
Monolothic GUI yet Modular Control
Through optional ZenMBE modules installed via D. J. Bernstein's daemontools or Docker, LOGAC allows for ease of maintenance and system upgrades. Changing your shutter controller or QCM controller does not require any changes to LOGAC itself.

ZenMBE Hardware Compatibility

LOGAC is fully compatible with ZenMBE, which supports a wide array of hardware components—over 200 at last count.