The ZenMBE System

If you need the maximum amount of precision possible from your molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system, look no further than ZenMBE. By precisely controlling your entire MBE system through advanced data analysis techniques in real-time—including precise control of oxygen sources in oxide molecular beam epitaxy (OMBE) systems—you can be sure that your system reaches its full potential.

The ZenMBE line of software and hardware has been used for real-time control of molecular beam epitaxy systems since 1999 in laboratories around the world.


Recipe Editor

The ZenMBE recipe editor makes designing and growing your materials simple and straightforward.


ZenMBE Components

The ZenMBE suite consists of two major components:

  • ZenMBE—The user interface and front-end for real-time interaction with your MBE system. Can be run on any computer, anywhere in the world that has connectivity to your lab network (either directly or via a VPN).
  • sZenMBE—The back-end interface that synchronizes all of the MBE operations and communicates between the front-end and the hardware abstraction layer

Additionally, there are a large number of plugins and extensions which can be installed to interface with particular pieces of hardware and perform various tasks, and various hardware modules to serve as bridges to equipment.

ZenMBE Hardware Support

ZenMBE is regularly updated and maintained. As of 2018, the current version supports and directly interfaces with over a hundred different pieces of hardware from various manufacturers out of the box. Additionally, the system is fully modular and support for new hardware is generally trivial and inexpensive to add.

Even for devices not currently integrated into a system, ZenMBE provides the ability to connect additional hardware interface modules, and Zensoft provides custom hardware interfaces when necessary. We can support interfaces and protocols ranging from RS-485 and SCPI to proprietary bidirectional one-wire interfaces.

Some of the over 100 pieces of hardware that ZenMBE directly supports includes:

  • Agilent XSG-600 gauge controllers
  • Delta Elektronika ES-150 series (ES 030-5) power supplies
  • Eurotherm 2408 modules
  • Eurotherm 3504 modules
  • Granville Phillips GP 350 and GP 370 Stabil-Ion Bayard-Alpert vacuum gauges
  • Hewlett Packard HP 34401A digital multimeters
  • Inficon QCMs
  • InstruTech CM201 Super Bee Pressure Gauges
  • IS 50-LO Plus pyrometers
  • Keysight 34460A, 34461A, and 34465A digital multimeters
  • Omega DP1001AM scanners
  • RHT003 hygro-thermometers
  • PF900 power supplies
  • Pfeiffer DPG-202 units
  • Productivity1000, Productivity2000, and Productivity3000 PLCs
  • PSC-488 modules
  • Veeco 1508 power supplies
  • Zensoft MCR-1610 stepper motor controllers