A message box pops up saying that Zentris should be run from DOS.


When Zentris for DOS is run, it first detects the presence of Microsoft Windows and alerts the user by popping up a message box if Windows is detected, to prevent problems with the sound effects.


Under Windows 95, very few systems are affected by this problem, so the message box may be safely ignored.

Under Windows 3.1, we recommend always exiting Windows before playing Zentris for DOS.


If you are running Windows 95, you may either ignore the messages (and follow the instructions to continue), or permanently disable them by preventing Zentris for DOS from detecting Windows 95. To do this, right click on your Zentris for DOS icon and choose Properties. Go to the Program tab, as shown:

Click on the button labeled Advanced and you will see the following dialog box:

Turn on Prevent MS-DOS-based programs from detecting Windows and choose OK, and OK from the Properties dialog box. Zentris for DOS will now run normally in Windows 95.

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