Super Zentris locks up, or the sound effects are distorted.


Super Zentris can generate two different types of sound effects. The first type uses your PC’s internal speaker, which works on all IBM-compatible machines. The second type uses a Sound Blaster-compatible card to generate sound effects typically played back through external speakers or headphones. If you choose Sound Blaster audio but do not have a Sound Blaster card the game cannot generate sounds.


To determine if the problem you are experiencing is related to audio, run the SETUP.EXE program that is in your Super Zentris directory. Go to the Audio settings. Choose PC Speaker and No Sound for your audio configuration. Save these settings and run Super Zentris. Note that you will have no sound effects. If the problems are gone, return to SETUP and enable sound effects. If the program is still operating correctly after this change, try to choose Sound Blaster for your audio configuration. If this fails, you will have to use your PC Speaker for sound. This probably means that your sound card is not 100% compatible with a Creative Labs Sound Blaster.

Additionally, if you have a very old version of Super Zentris, you may need to set the BLASTER environment variable before starting the game. The proper setting should be documented in the manual that came with your sound card, but it should typically be of the form BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T6 where A220 represents a base address of 220 (hexadecimal), I5 represents an IRQ of 5, D1 represents a DMA channel of 1, and T6 represents a type-6 device (in this case, an AWE-32). T1 is an original Sound Blaster, and T2 is a Sound Blaster Pro. You should place a line in your C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT file of the form:


(with the appropriate settings for your particular device).

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