Zong 3000 is based, at its core, on the same idea as our original ZONG for DOS game, where you control a small paddle with your mouse and use it to deflect balls around a playing field. In Zong 3000, however, not only do you try to destroy bricks with the balls, but also complete puzzles and prevent enemy attacks.


There are over 120 levels in Zong 3000, each with its own unique challenge.


Zong 3000 runs at 640x480 resolution in HiColor (65,536 color) mode, and all of the game graphics are antialiased in real-time, effectively doubling the resolution.

The programming and art for Zong 3000 are both essentially complete, and the game is currently in an iterative process of fine-tuning and play-balancing. However, we do not currently have an estimate for its release date, and do not require beta-testers at this time.

In the meantime, you may enjoy viewing the Zong 3000 Screenshot Gallery.

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