I get the message 'ZONG has not been able to detect a Microsoft-compatible mouse driver on this system. Please load your mouse driver before starting ZONG.'


ZONG for DOS relies exclusively on your mouse for input (you cannot play using a keyboard). If you are running a DOS or Windows 3.1 system, or Windows 95 in DOS mode, you need to load a special software driver from your mouse manufacturer in order to allow programs to access your mouse. If this driver is not loaded, ZONG cannot access the mouse and terminates.


You need to load your DOS mouse driver. On most systems, this will be as simple as typing “MOUSE” at your DOS prompt. If you need a copy of the current DOS mouse driver for your mouse, try one of the links below.

Microsoft or Logitech Mouse
Microsoft and Logitech mice are compatible with the Logitech Mouse Driver, which is available from Logitech’s ftp server here. (m643_w31.exe, 219 KB download)
Mouse Systems Mouse
Mouse Systems makes excellent optical mice. In two-button mode or on a PS/2 mouse port, they are compatible with the Logitech Mouse Driver above. If applicable, set the button or switch on the bottom of your mouse to “2.”
Genius Mouse
Genius’ mice are compatible with the Logitech Mouse Driver above.
Dextra Mouse
Dextra’s mice are manufactured by Logitech and are compatible with the Logitech Mouse Driver above.

Once you download the one of the installation programs above, run it to begin the installation process. If you require additional assistance, contact your mouse manufacturer to learn the procedure for your particular mouse.

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