I ran the installation program, but now can’t figure out how to run Zong!


You need to locate the file zong.exe.

Search your hard drive for this file. To do this, click on your Start menu, then choose Find and then Files or Folders.... Type zong.exe, and tell it to look in My Computer (this is the first choice in the drop-down list). Then click Find Now, as follows:

Wait while it searches your computer for the file.

Once the file is found, click-and-drag the file directly onto your desktop and you will have created a shortcut to run the game easily. Just double-click on the shortcut and the game will begin.

If Find Files doesn’t locate the file, that means you haven’t yet installed the game. Run your installation program again, and enter a simple destination path such as C:\ZONG to install, then repeat the above procedure after the installation is complete.

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