Why does the installer freeze or crash when trying to activate?


Unfortunately Zaxxoids is not compatible with most newer computers—particularly with recent Intel processors. Intel changed the way something called “self-modifying code” works on their recent processors and as a result Zaxxoids (which makes extensive use of self-modifying code, including during the installation procedure for activation) does not work on them. Things such as compatibility modes, etc., do not help. (The technical details are that code which modifies the very next instruction no longer executes that instruction, but instead whatever instruction was there previously, due to changes in caching and pipelining.)

Regrettably, updating Zaxxoids would require extensive modification. We currently have no plans to update it, particularly since Zaxxoids is more than ten years old and we no longer sell it. You can still likely continue to run it on older computer(s), but it is unlikely to work on any computers purchased recently (or in the future). It has in fact been more than five years since we have been able to run it, ourselves.

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