ZP2-SRC Protection Interface

The ZP2-SRC Protection Interface enhances the reliability of your AutomationDirect Productivity3000 P3-16TD2 Discrete Output Module by offering protection against miswiring, shorts, and potential fire hazards.

ZP2-SRC Features

  • DIN-mountable PVC enclosure
  • 16 protected outputs
  • 500 mA hold, 1 A trip Bel polyfuse for each output
  • Two Phoenix 1830732 terminal blocks for digital outputs
  • One Phoenix 1888250 terminal block for power input
  • Prevents miswiring, shorts, and damage


Designed for use with AutomationDirect Productivity3000 P3-16TD2 Discrete Output Module, a ZL-P3-CBL20 cable, and a 24V DC power supply.

Value Proposition

The value the ZP2-SRC Protection Interface provides far outweighs the initial investment. Here's why:

Protection from Miswiring & Damage
The interface prevents costly errors that could otherwise lead to the damage or destruction of the output module or your equipment.
Long-Term Savings
By ensuring the integrity and longevity of the output modules, the interface eliminates the need for frequent replacements, thereby reducing long-term costs.
Advanced Safety Features
Each output is equipped with a 500 mA hold, 1 A trip Bel polyfuse, providing an extra layer of security against electrical faults.
Easy Installation
DIN-mountable design and Phoenix terminal blocks make the setup seamless, reducing the time and effort spent on installation.
Enhanced Reliability
The interface's robust PVC enclosure and quality components ensure that your system remains operational in the most demanding environments.

Customer Experience

Our protection interfaces have saved customers from shorting out or damaging their digital output modules, preserving both equipment and peace of mind.